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26 Oct

Foods : Restoran Hafeez

Restoran Hafeez has been around for ages, in fact more than a quarter of century. That鈥檚 an amazing feat for a restaurant. Restoran Hafeez was start up with a very small 鈥榳arong鈥?which means a small stall at the roadside. Since 2013, they have move into the shop near Jsuites Hotel and operate their business since then.
Restoran Hafeez is located at the corner of the shop lots near Jsuites Hotel. It was only approximately 2 minutes walking distance from Jsuite Hotel.

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Restoran Hafeez鈥檚 traditional 鈥榬oti tempayan鈥?is part of the reasons to visit Restoran Hafeez. This traditional 鈥榬oti tempayan鈥?was baked in the 鈥榯empayan鈥?in a very traditional way. 鈥楻oti tempayan鈥?is serve with their special curry depends on customers鈥?preference. There are beans curry, chicken curry, beef curry and lamb curry. 鈥楻oti tempayan鈥?in Restoran Hafeez is soft and fluffy. This traditional baked method has become one of the attractions for the locals and foreigners. 鈥楻oti tempayan鈥?was only served from 7am to 1pm. Makanan panas was served after 3.30pm.


Besides that, ayam tandoori in Restoran Hafeez is finger licking good too. Ayam tandoori in Restoran Hafeez is badked on the same 鈥榯empayan鈥? 鈥楢yam Tandoori鈥?was pickled with their special sauce, the crispy skin and sweet tasty meat is one of the favourite of the customers. 鈥楢yam tandoori鈥?can be served together with 鈥榬oti tempayan鈥?and we will call that the perfect combination.